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February 17, 2010


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Hey CC - That is a legitimate concern and one I hadn't thought about really... What it makes me wonder is how that plays into the physician shortage in rural/exurban areas. Think about it - most med students are accepted right out of college, from my experience those types aren't married and less likely to be in a long term relationship entering school. Then they go through their school years without much chance to meet anyone (aside from classmates/hospital folk/faculty) and when it comes time to do residency selections the thoughts you are having and your friend go through their head: how the heck am I gonna meet someone living well, 500 miles west of Heck?

Don't mean to turn this into a policy post, but it is interesting how selection factors for medical school and the tendency NOT to give anyone, er, more experienced - read: married non-trads - a chance(22yo's have the highest acceptance RATES), can play into geographic physician shortages and our professions tendency to flock to big cities...

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Interesting topic. By the way I agree with John. Most fresh graduate students were being accepted right away.

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